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We’re passionate about early detection, determined to enable healthier decisions and dedicated to groundbreaking science.

This pursuit has culminated in ID30, a simple and cost-effective test that reveals the broadest look available at a person’s immune system physiology - and with it, the life-changing chance to properly diagnose, prevent, and even reverse debilitating autoimmune disease.

Since 2010, Aurora Life Sciences has been building this expertise in biophotonics and microarray technologies, with an unwavering focus on enhancing wellness testing and developing an innovative multiplexed autoimmune testing platform. ID30 achieves this by providing an extensive set of autoimmune disease markers in one test, revealing early dysfunction and established disease. This newfound knowledge is what facilitates the early detection, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of autoimmunity.

Our innovative, cost effective and time sensitive diagnostic tool is currently the only test available that offers marker detection for over 20 of the most common autoimmune diseases. By working directly with consumers, we’ve empowered patients to take their health into their own hands so they can make lifestyle changes that will positively impact the quality of their lives.

Aurora Life Sciences, CLIA Certified Lab #14D2101443

About Aurora Life Sciences (ALS)

Our Team

Dan NaglePresident

Formally trained in optical and mechanical engineering, Dan Nagle has extensive experience in the field of biophotonics and was able to secure an exclusive license from Argonne National Laboratory utilizing patented laser-based microarray optical imaging technology. With this license, he started ALS to integrate this technology with disease marker assays, furthering the evolution of healthcare through empowering diagnostic screening to be more comprehensive, informative and affordable.

Dennis DoughertyVice President

Formally trained in electrical and mechanical engineering, Dennis Dougherty entered the world of biotechnology with the launch of an ultra-compact high speed biochip microarray reader. This initial exposure to the world of healthcare led Dennis to advocate for improved and more cost-effective systems to aid in the earlier diagnosis of disease risk as medical care evolves from a disease-based to a prevention-based healthcare system.

Roger L Greenlaw, M.D. FACP/G ABHIMChief Medical Advisor

Dr. Greenlaw is board certified in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and by the American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine. He is a member of the American Medical Association, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and believes lifestyle-related chronic disease is preventable and reversible through therapeutic lifestyle change. Educated self-care is the new primary care and his research in lifestyle medicine has resulted in publication of several articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Roger D. Hilbert, M.D.Laboratory Director

Dr. Hilbert is a board certified Pathologist and an active member of several professional organizations including: The American Medical Association, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, College of American Pathologists, America’s Blood Centers, A. James French Pathology Society and the American Association of Blood Banks.

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