For Healthcare Providers

As the most comprehensive autoimmune disease test on the market, ID30 provides a critical view of a patient’s underlying health, with results for over 30 autoimmune disease markers. For many chronically ill patients, these results can offer answers that lead to proper treatment or necessary lifestyle adjustments. For others, results provide early detection and the rare opportunity to take steps that can prevent, and sometimes even reverse, the occurrence of an autoimmune disorder.

How ID30 Supports Practitioners
As a healthcare provider, ID30 offers you an in-depth view of your patient’s autoimmune health. As instances of autoimmune disease skyrocket, this information becomes more critical with every passing year.

When administered to new patients, ID30 offers practitioners a glimpse into a patient’s health that they may not even be aware of. As time progresses, this initial test acts as a baseline to flag any important changes that may impact a person’s health.

For patients with chronic symptoms or pre-existing conditions, ID30 offers critical information that may assist in proper treatment to alleviate, prevent and even reverse many symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Initial tests also act as a baseline to indicate responses to therapy.

How Does it Work?
ID30 requires only a simple blood test. We provide you with a test kit that contains everything you need and then we run the results for you.

Affordable for Patients. Easy for Practitioners.
Our goal is to help as many autoimmune sufferers as possible, so we have made ID30 easy and affordable. This allows you and your patients to avoid health insurance claims, while also offering important answers with very little overhead.

Special Rates for Healthcare Providers
We are committed to partnering with healthcare providers to make ID30 seamless and easy for you and your staff to administer. Please reach out to us to discuss bulk rates to make ID30 even more accessible to your patients.

We look forward to hearing from you.