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ID30’s unique capability offers a path through this epidemic with quick answers and valuable peace of mind. With an ID30 report, you are given the rare opportunity for early detection, so you can make necessary lifestyle adjustments before symptoms even present themselves. And for those already suffering with chronic symptoms, ID30 offers the information you need to make educated lifestyle decisions that may alleviate - and potentially reverse - the root cause of your suffering.

Achieve Peace of Mind With Just 3 Simple Steps

You Control the Process

At Aurora Life Sciences, LLC, autoimmune antibody marker detection is our specialty. With the development of ID30 Screening, ID30 Comprehensive, and ID30-GI Complete, we offer uniquely comprehensive, informative and affordable autoimmune antibody detection blood tests - now available for direct purchase from the comfort of your home.

With over 1,000 test kits sold to-date, our goal is to empower our clients with a deeper knowledge of their health, so that they can regain more control over their sense of well-being. Our revolutionary autoimmune testing procedure used in ID30 Comprehensive & ID30-GI Complete can find 3X the amount of active autoimmune markers versus a standard ANA test.

It is well documented that if there’s one diagnosed autoimmune disorder, there are potentially several others that could go undiagnosed, as well as food sensitivities or Leaky Gut Syndrome. Our innovative ID30 tests look for autoimmune disease markers that appear years prior to the typical diagnosis of disease, and even before debilitating symptoms occur. As a result, ID30 can better identify underlying disorders and provide information that a healthcare practitioner can use to customize a holistic treatment program. This early marker detection allows people the opportunity to make lifestyle changes that can impact the root causes and even prevent the possible progression to autoimmune disease.

1. Choose the right test for you and order a kit to be sent to your home.

2. Schedule your blood draw following the instructions provided in your test kit.

3. Receive your Screening, Comprehensive, or GI Complete report. Your sample will be processed within 10 business days of receipt at our lab. Results will be sent directly to you via secure email within 3 days after processing.

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